“Surviving Alabama Politics…Till The Storm Passes By”

To my surprise, Alabama Politics has turned out to be a stormy place for me. (I know, I’ll go ahead and say it, that’s saying a lot from someone coming from a career that involved Jefferson County Politics.) I am far from perfect. But, how can so much controversy be generated from within Alabama Politics […]

“BamaCarry”: For Such A Time As This

Enough is enough! How many New Prisons will it take to stop people from killing each other? How many New Parole Officers will it take to turn drug infested neighborhoods from war zones into safe communities so children can turn their thoughts to education rather than survival? How many more corrupt politicians will it take […]

“Respect and Trust Are Earned By Individuals”-Not Groups

Respect and Trust reflect our individual character. And, I believe those two words should always be used together. However, today it appears those words are rarely used at all, especially not for individuals. Today we’ve turned more to group associations; (Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Politicians, Police Officers, Republicans, Democrats, Unemployed, Uninsured, Uneducated, Ex-cons, and Christians.) Today […]

“Alabama Politics-A Game of Shadows”

Whenever most adults refer to someone being “Shady” or standing “In The Shadows,” I believe we usually think of “The Dark Side, Evil, Corruption.” And, over the last few years, Alabamians have been become very familiar with the term “Dark Money” when talking about certain “Alabama Politicians.” But, what about “The Philanthropists”? Don’t Philanthropists often […]

“Alabama Politics, Public Safety, Handguns and Deception”

Today there is an abundance of information readily available from multiple media sources on most any topic. (Now, I must warn you, you’d better check and double check your sources when dealing with critically important topics.) Over the past five years God has consistently placed the same three topics in front of me: Alabama Politics, […]

“Alabama House Members Must Decide Who They Really Serve”

On Friday, June 10, 2016, at approximately 9:02 p.m. there was a wakeup call heard throughout the Alabama Legislature. And, I can assure you, every member of the Alabama House of Representatives clearly heard the alarm. Alabama Speaker of The House Mike Hubbard, the man who had “Stormed The State House” during the 2010 election, […]

“If Evil Drives Up, Are You Ready?”

I have to admit, I don’t have a clue when it comes to understanding the science behind identifying an individual’s DNA, but that’s OK. Heck, I’m not an Electrician or an Electrical Engineer, but I learned at a young age that an electrical current is very real. Yes, in my 64 years I’ve identified a […]

Prayerfully, The People “Shall Overcome” ALABAMA POLITICS

During the final minutes of Alabama’s 2016 Legislative Session I sat quietly and reverently in my assigned seat in the Alabama House Chamber and listened to the members of the Alabama House Democrat Black Caucus sing several verses of the old African American civil rights anthem “We Shall Overcome.” (This was occurring right in front […]

“Alabama Legislature Adjourns Prior to Rev. Graham’s Arrival”

Sometimes you just have to accept certain things as they really are. (I had one of those moments in Montgomery, Alabama on Thursday, April 14, 2016.) Fact: God’s people have a lot of work to do in the state of Alabama. For months Muriel and I had been planning for the arrival of Reverend Franklin […]


How can the people of Alabama, or anyone else, trust a man who has proven his wife of 50 years couldn’t trust him? And, how could the Alabama Legislature seriously consider his input on the distribution of Alabama’s $30 BILLION DOLLAR State Budgets? (However, some state politicians have stated publicly: “The Governor’s Personal Life Is […]